Applied Communication And Intercultural Competence Skills Coaching

My coaching - either in one-to-one sessions or small groups - focusses on helping clients where English is not their first language improve their ​communication skills and intercultural skills and awareness. I conduct sessions "in person' at my client's location of choice or online. 


My work starts by carrying out a needs analysis with clients to discuss their requirements and desired goals which is then drawn up into an agreed “coaching contract’ which focusses on enhancing specific communication skills in a focussed area. I typically find that I will work with clients for as little as three to six sessions on a specific problem, longer to build deep skills improvement 

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Communication Skills


Clients may want to work on core communication skills such as 

establishing trust,building rapport, empathy and listening, persuading and projecting one's own views and opinions, questioning, reflecting and clarification, mediating and dealing with conflict or clients may want to improve their specific functional communication skills which they have identified as areas they need to work-on. These  could include: how to conduct meetings, presentation skills, networking and small talk, negotiation, attending interviews, managing teams

Intercultural Competence


I aim in my work with clients to help them understand better the culture they are working in and to develop their ability to work effectively in different cultures where English is the spoken language.


I draw in my work on various intercultural communication models, on advanced language teaching techniques,  and also my training in coaching and Gestalt pyschotherapy. 


I place strong emphasis on experiential work and role play. My coaching includes looking at the importance of non-verbal aspects of communication - e.g.the use of space (personal and public), perception of time, use of touch, gesture, facial expressions etc - as well as language.

I also aim at all times in my work to fully respect and embrace gender diversity in all its aspects.