Lunchtime Discussion Club

A great way to learn more about what I do is to run one of my “30 minute Discussion Club” sessions for FREE.


Many advanced English speakers lack the opportunity to practise their spoken English in environments where they can focus on developing their fluency and not worry about their mistakes. 


My “ 30 minute Discussion Club” offers non-native advanced English speakers the opportunity to practise their English and communication skills in a fun, supportive and stress-free environment by discussing business, current affairs or other topics  of their choice of interest to them. Where requested, I am also happy to carry out discussions of chosen non-fiction and fiction books over several sessions.


Subjects I cover include: key global and current affairs trends e.g. Artificial Intelligence, 4th Industrial Revolution, the rise of populism, identity and diversity in the 21st century; key business topics e.g. entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity,. 


These sessions offer attendees the chance to not only improve their knowledge and language capability on key business and current affairs issues but also to improve their own communication skills and share their own cultural perspective on these issues.


If your organisation  is interested in hosting a “ 30 minute Lunchtime Discussion Club” session, please email me or call +44 7976139879.

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