About Me

I set up Creative Language Coaching after a career of over twenty years working in start-ups, creative agencies and in global businesses. I am based in London but have lived and worked in many countries and different cultures. My focus now is on working with young professionals and students in London to help them with their language and communication needs to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. I am CELTA qualified in teaching English as a foreign language and also have a postgraduate certificate in Intercultural Communication from Birkbeck College, University of London, as well as a Diploma in teaching EAP (English for Academic Purposes) from SOAS. I also have an MBA from the London Business School, a Diploma in Professional Development in Gestalt Psychotherapy from Metropolitan  

University, London, and my first degree is in History and Russian from St Catherine's College,Oxford University.  I have a Korean wife and have two children. I am a passionate Londoner and equally passionate "global citizen". My main interests outside work are politics and current affairs , travel and food!

My Philosophy and How I Work

My motivation for setting up Creative Language Coaching is based on the belief that for young people to thrive in the future, it  will be vital that they acquire the cultural dexterity and global awareness required to navigate in a rapidly changing world, as well as the language abilities to work across different cultures.


My work is based on the belief that language and communication skills learning is best carried out when:

  • it is grounded in an awareness of the wider world and, in particular, the cultural context that clients find themselves in 

  • it is highly personalised (one-to-one or in small groups) and most effective when addressing a particular need or a particular area of concern 

  • it is done in an environment where the coach or trainer provides clients with high levels of support to grow and acquire new skills in their own way.

  • extensive use is made of experiential techniques, role play and practice.

  • Finally, I aim in my work to show a deep understanding and commitment to gender diversity in all its forms. 

" There are two related crises in today's world. The first and most visible is the population/ environment crisis. The second, more subtle but equally lethal, is humankind's relationships to its extensions, institutions, ideas, as well as the relationships among the individuals and groups that inhabit the globe".


"Beyond Culture", Edward Hall, 1977

“Global dexterity can be a challenging skill to acquire. You can feel anxious and embarrassed about your inability to master the new cultural rules .......... These feelings can interfere with your ability to successfully adopt your behaviour - and as a result, your ........... effectiveness can suffer.”

"Global Dexterity", Andrew Molinsky,